Siloxane Sealer

KEMIKO® Siloxane Sealer is extremely user-friendly, waterborne silane/siloxane emulsion for sealing acid stained concrete and other cementitious substrates. It preserves stained concrete color, is resistant to UV and high alkalinity exposure.

Water Based Sealer

KEMIKO® Water based sealers are a low viscosity and easy to apply product.  The medium solids (20-35%) formulations are based from acrylic and acrylic urethane technology. It is designed for interior and exterior use with excellent wear qualities and comes in gloss and satin variations.

Solvent Based Sealer

KEMIKO® Solvent Based Sealer is a solvent base, single component, deep penetrating sealer. This interior/exterior sealer is color enhancing, non-yellowing and very user friendly to apply.  The end result of application provides a deep wet look with extreme gloss.