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  1. Clear-A-Thane Sealer
      KEMIKO® Water based Sealer is a high solids (30%) water base Acrylic Urethane Sealer. It is designed for interior and exterior use with excellent wear qualities.
  2. Color Enhancing Acrylic Sealer
      KEMIKO® Solvent Based Sealer is a solvent base, single component, deep penetrating sealer. This interior/exterior sealer is color enhancing, non-yellowing and very user friendly to apply.
  3. Kemiko Acid Stain Sample Pack
      These are small sample packs available for customers to test a variety of colors and/or to do artwork on smaller areas
  4. Kemiko Buildable Overlay
      KEMIKO® Buildable Overlay is a single component, high performance cementitious overlay with superior adhesive properties. The Ideal product to use when you can’t remove concrete stains. This concrete floor overlay provides a refreshed interior or exterior concrete surface in commercial and residential environments.
  5. Kemiko Easy Shine
      KEMIKO® Water Based Mop-on Sealer Protecting Wax is a water-based acrylic polymer wax that provides protection against scuffs while providing a deep rich shine. This mop-on wax is extremely easy to apply and extends the life of your sealer while enhancing the overall finished appearance of your floor. This product can be used over sealers and industrial coatings which includes epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyaspartic coatings.
  6. Kemiko Neutra-Clean
      KEMIKO® Water Based Neutralizer-Degreaser is formulated to remove grease, grime, soil, wall plaster, and other construction-related residues. It cleans prepared concrete surfaces for staining, sealing, and re-coating.
  7. Repels Sealer
      KEMIKO® Siloxane Sealer is extremely user-friendly, waterborne silane/siloxane emulsion for sealing acid stained concrete and other cementitious substrates. It preserves stained concrete color, is resistant to UV and high alkalinity exposure.
  8. Stone Tone Acid Stain
      KEMIKO® Decorative Color Concrete Acid Stain is an acid base, reactive stain. These interior/exterior reactive stains are zero VOC and UV resistant. Formulated to chemically bond with the concrete to create permanent, unique colors that simulate the look of natural stone and marble.
  9. Stone Tone Buff-On-Wax
      KEMIKO® Solvent Based Wax is designed for use on porous surfaces (primarily interior) that are unaffected by contact with mineral spirits, such as new and old concrete, unglazed brick and tile, flagstone and unsealed wood. Wax enhances the depth of color and provides surface protection.
  10. Stone Tone Sealer II
      KEMIKO® Single Component Sealers are for interior/exterior sealer use and are color enhancing, non-yellowing, resistant to UV and low VOC. They are resistant against staining, water penetration, acids and alkali. They are very user friendly to apply.
  11. Stone Tone WB Buff-On-Wax