Kemiko® products create a superior finish and color in any concrete project. Kemiko® Buildable Overlay refreshes weathered and worn concrete to leave the ideal surface for your concrete project for many years to come.


  • Water activated
  • Suitable for stain, dye or integral color
  • Accepts various finishes


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Trowelable
  • Water cleanup
  • Effective alternative to trying to remove concrete stains

Have blemished concrete that you want to freshen up? Kemiko® Buildable Overlay is a single component, high performance cementitious overlay with superior adhesive properties perfect for covering any concrete project surface. This concrete floor overlay provides a refreshed interior or exterior concrete surface in commercial and residential environments. Buildable Concrete Overlay products can be dyed, acid stained, acrylic stained or integrally colored and used with various decorative finishes, including stenciling, texturing and broom finish. It provides outstanding impact resistance and compressive strength. You can use this overlay to recolor or rejuvenate old, worn or discolored concrete surfaces that are textured, stamped or carved.

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Examples of Kemiko® Buildable Overlay above