SeaWorld is known around the globe for big splashes in the world’s most renowned aquariums. In March 2022 KEMIKO® Sealife Safe Aquarium Coatings has made yet another a big splash by delivering the stunning finish at SeaWorld’s newly updated lazy river.  Installed by industrial coatings professional True Champions Inc., the KEMIKO Epoxy by Epmar brings a euphoric touch to an already magical destination.   

KEMIKO® STA CRETE 100% Solids Sealife Safe Aquarium Coatings, SS1500 Series by Epmar, is a specially formulated, commercial aquarium epoxy paint. This two component, abrasion resistant epoxy coating offers excellent adhesion to concrete for pools and marine containment tanks and ponds. It has been an industry standard for over 30 years and is veterinarian approved for use with seals, whales and walruses.

In addition to the superior quality of finish, this product is highly rated from coatings professionals as being user friendly, low VOC, low odor, self-leveling, and quickly cures to a very hard, resilient high-gloss film making for a simple installation that lasts many years.

This commercial aquarium epoxy paint has been successfully applied in theme parks, water parks, commercial aquariums, show aquariums, fountains, water features and swimming pools around the world.

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