The Kemiko easy 5-Step process provides basic guidance for a vivid and long-lasting result in your acid stain project. From initial preparation to basic maintenance, the quality of Kemiko’s products combined with this process will result in a truly impressive overlay, and durable result on your concrete.

Re-Imagine Your Concrete Floor in Five Easy Steps

Step 1. Surface Preparation

  • Floor preparation: clear debris and dirt from the surface of the concrete, then clean the concrete surface
  • Recommended Product: Kemiko Neutra Clean: Neutralizer and Degreaser
  • Note: If concrete is in very bad condition, already treated or stained, additional cleaning processes will be required. Buildable Overlay is recommended to cover existing stained or uneven concrete.

Step 2. Stain

  • Apply two coats of concrete acid stain color
  • Recommended product: Kemiko Stone Tone Concrete Acid Stain

Step 3. Neutralize

  • Neutralize acid stain and remove residue
  • Recommended product: Kemiko Neutra Clean Neutralizer and Degreaser

Step 4. Protect

  • Apply protective sealer, coating, or wax
  • Recommended products: Kemiko Color Enhancing Concrete Sealer, Stone Tone Sealer II, Stone Tone Buff-On Wax, Clear-A-Thane Sealer

Step 5. Maintain

  • Clean and wax your concrete regularly to maintain your concrete finish
  • Recommended products: Neutra Clean Neutralizer and Degreaser, Easy Shine Mop on Wax

Some featured examples of the 5-Step Process results with these acid stain projects: Stained Concrete Floors - Acid Stain Floor Photo Gallery | Kemiko®


1. Total Floor System

  • Complete line of Kemiko products to create and maintain your floor.

2. Permanent Concrete Stain

  • Color won't fade, chip, peel or wash away.

3. Zero and Low VOC Products

  • Low odor and eco-friendly.

4. Durability

  • Kemiko protective coatings and waxes shield against wear and tear.

5. Low Maintenance

  • Complete line of Kemiko products to create and maintain your floor.

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