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  1. Clear-A-Thane Sealer
      KEMIKO® Water based Sealer is a high solids (30%) water base Acrylic Urethane Sealer. It is designed for interior and exterior use with excellent wear qualities.
  2. Kemiko Buildable Overlay
      KEMIKO® Buildable Overlay is a single component, high performance cementitious overlay with superior adhesive properties. The Ideal product to use when you can’t remove concrete stains. This concrete floor overlay provides a refreshed interior or exterior concrete surface in commercial and residential environments.
  3. Kemiko Easy Shine
      KEMIKO® Water Based Mop-on Sealer Protecting Wax is a water-based acrylic polymer wax that provides protection against scuffs while providing a deep rich shine. This mop-on wax is extremely easy to apply and extends the life of your sealer while enhancing the overall finished appearance of your floor. This product can be used over sealers and industrial coatings which includes epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyaspartic coatings.
  4. Kemiko Neutra-Clean
      KEMIKO® Water Based Neutralizer-Degreaser is formulated to remove grease, grime, soil, wall plaster, and other construction-related residues. It cleans prepared concrete surfaces for staining, sealing, and re-coating.
  5. SS1202 Epoxy
      100 % Solids Resistant Self-Leveling Epoxy Clear is user friendly, low odor and highly abrasion and chemical resistant.
  6. SS1202 UV Epoxy
      100 % Solids UV Resistant Self-Leveling Epoxy Clear (SS1202UVR) is a two component, abrasion resistant epoxy coating that offers superior adhesion to concrete. It is an excellent choice to be used with color quartz and selected aggregate, curing to a decorative, high gloss film.
  7. SS1500 Epoxy
      KEMIKO® 100% Solids Sealife Safe Aquarium Coatings is a specially formulated, commercial aquarium epoxy paint. This two component, abrasion resistant epoxy coating offers excellent adhesion to concrete for pools and marine containment tanks and ponds. It has been an industry standard for over 30 years and is veterinarian approved for use with seals, whales and walruses.
  8. SS1600 Epoxy
      This Water Extended Epoxy is a two-component, high gloss, water base floor epoxy with low VOC and low odor. It offers excellent film properties, a long pot life and is designed to be used as a thin film resilient primer and finish.
  9. SS2400 Polyurethane
      Water Base Polyurethane Topcoat Gloss Clear is a two component, water base polyurethane concrete sealer coating. It exhibits excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and hot tire resistance, making it a superior garage floor sealer.
  10. SS2400 UV Polyurethane
      Water Base Polyurethane Topcoat Gloss Clear is a two component, water base polyurethane concrete sealer coating that is UV Resistant. This fast-curing, low odor and low VOC polyurethane is intended for use as a decorative or industrial concrete topcoat (sealer) in both interior and exterior applications.
  11. SS3400 Epoxy