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  1. Stone Tone WB Buff-On-Wax
      KEMIKO® Wax is a single component water based wax. This interior wax offers high protection and durability. This Wax is formulated to repel water and reduce scuffing and marring. It protects and maintains unsealed concrete.
  2. Stone Tone Sealer II
      KEMIKO® Single Component Sealers are for interior/exterior sealer use and are color enhancing, non-yellowing, resistant to UV and low VOC. They are resistant against staining, water penetration, acids and alkali. They are very user friendly to apply.
  3. Stone Tone Buff-On-Wax
      KEMIKO® Solvent Based Wax is designed for use on porous surfaces (primarily interior) that are unaffected by contact with mineral spirits, such as new and old concrete, unglazed brick and tile, flagstone and unsealed wood. Wax enhances the depth of color and provides surface protection.
  4. Stone Tone Acid Stain
      KEMIKO® Decorative Color Concrete Acid Stain is an acid base, reactive stain. These interior/exterior reactive stains are zero VOC and UV resistant. Formulated to chemically bond with the concrete to create permanent, unique colors that simulate the look of natural stone and marble.
  5. SS3900 UV Polyaspartic
      High Solids Polyaspartic is a two component, high solids polyaspartic coating that is UV resistant. It utilizes the best available high solids polyaspartic technology for resistance against atmospheric and chemical exposures.
  6. SS3900 Polyaspartic
      High Solids Polyaspartic is a two component, high solids polyaspartic coating. It is mild in odor and exhibits excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and hot tire resistance.
  7. SS3700 Epoxy
      KEMIKO® Water Base Quick Dry Epoxy is an easy to use, two component, color or clear epoxy concrete sealer. This water based epoxy coating comes in clear gloss and pigmented versions. It has a long pot life and low odor, which is ideal for interior applications that may have limited air flow.
  8. SS3500 Epoxy
      KEMIKO® 100% Solids Self-Leveling Pigmented Epoxy is a color floor epoxy coating that offers excellent adhesion to properly prepared concrete and steel. It is user friendly, low VOC and cures to a very hard, resilient, high gloss film. This self-leveling color floor epoxy can be applied as a primer and finish on most interior surfaces. Excellent abrasion resistance, non-blushing in high humidity, available in many colors.
  9. SS3400 Epoxy
      KEMIKO® Water Base Low VOC Epoxy is a waterborne, low VOC primer and clear, high gloss topcoat sealer for concrete. This epoxy offers excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance and low odor..